Economics & Sociology

ISSN: 2071-789X eISSN: 2306-3459 DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X
Index PUBMS: f5512f57-a601-11e7-8f0e-080027f4daa0
Article information
Title: Development of Controllers´ Professional Competence: the Case of Czech Republic
Issue: Vol. 9, No 1, 2016
Published date: 03-2016 (print) / 03-2016 (online)
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Authors: Bohumil Král
Libuše Šoljaková
Keywords: controller, professional competence, education, skills, experience, quality assurance
DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2016/9-1/6
Index PUBMS: e55979cb-0296-11e8-94c4-fa163e5d4f72
Language: English
Pages: 86-100 (15)
JEL classification: M21

The paper describes the results of the project on generally accepted requirements to controllers´ professional competence development. The empirical research is to ascertain and evaluate the current situation in Czech Republic in this area. The research comes from the comparison of two groups of experts´ opinions: firstly, the respondents responsible for professional competence development of controllers, and secondly, managers and controllers actually doing business. The article analyses and comments on the results of the following areas of investigation: content of controllers’ activities, controllers’ authority and responsibility, requirements for their initial education, professional skills and practical experience, ethical aspects of their activities, selection of potential candidates for a controller position, requirements to their continuing professional development and quality assurance of controllers’ work.