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Issue: Vol. 12, No 2, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 06-2019 (print) / 06-2019 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: 007f92b2-ad32-11e9-bbfd-fa163e0fa1a0
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1. Are we happier among our own race?
Authors: Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn
Keywords: Segregation, race, subjective wellbeing (SWB)
JEL: I30
11-35 (25)
2. Valuation changes associated with the FOX/Disney divestiture transaction
Authors: Bruno S. Sergi, James Owers, Alison Alexander
Keywords: Media, Restructuring, Sell-offs, Divestitures, Fox Corporation, Disney Corporation, Corporate Valuation
JEL: Q51, L82
36-47 (12)
3. The impact of asymmetric fiscal decentralization on education and health outcomes: Evidence from Papua Province, Indonesia
Authors: Annisa Cahyaningsih, Ardyanto Fitrady
Keywords: asymmetric decentralization, synthetic control methods, public service provision, Papua Province, Indonesia
JEL: H71, H72, H75, H77
48-63 (16)
4. The use of discriminant analysis in the assessment of municipal company's financial health
Authors: Larysa Yakymova, Vasyl Kuz
Keywords: municipal company, financial health, multiple discriminant model, M-Score, CEE countries
JEL: J23, E24, B59
64-78 (15)
5. Does corporate tax avoidance explain cash holdings? The case of Vietnam
Authors: Nguyen Vinh Khuong, Nguyen Tran Thai Ha, Mai Thi Hoang Minh, Phung Anh Thu
Keywords: corporate tax avoidance, corporate cash holdings, corporate effective tax rates, book-tax difference, Vietnam
JEL: G32
79-93 (15)
6. Formal credit inclusion within one-commune-one-product (OCOP) in the agricultural restructuring strategy of northwestern Vietnam
Authors: Do Xuan Luan, Diep Thanh Tung
Keywords: one commune one product, rural credit, northwestern Vietnam
JEL: A10, O12, Q14
94-108 (15)
7. The Post-Keynesian view on labour demand in micro- and macroeconomic fields
Authors: Eduardo Fernández-Huerga, Jorge Garcia-Arias
Keywords: labour demand, Post-Keynesian economics, labour economics, level of employment, wages
JEL: J23, E24, B59
109-128 (20)
8. Partners in a caring society – a nonprofit organization case study
Authors: Amélia O. Carvalho, Marisa R. Ferreira, Patrícia Silva
Keywords: accountability, nonprofit organizations, stakeholders, re-food
JEL: M10
129-146 (18)
9. Anxious spenders: Background factors of financial vulnerability
Authors: Erzsébet Németh, Boglárka Zsótér
Keywords: financial literacy, financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, young adults, financial vulnerability, Hungary
JEL: A22
147-169 (23)
10. Linking transformational leadership and organizational performance: An empirical investigation of manufacturing firms in Vietnam
Authors: Thi-Trang-Nhung Nguyen, Thi-Minh-Ngoc Luu
Keywords: transformational leadership, organizational innovation, organizational learning, organizational culture, organizational performance, Vietnam
JEL: M12, J53
170-191 (22)
11. Trust and power as predictors to tax compliance: Global evidence
Authors: Abdulsalam Mas’ud, Nor Aziah Abd Manaf, Natrah Saad
Keywords: power, slippery slope framework, tax compliance, trust
JEL: H20, H24, H25, H26
192-204 (13)
12. Customer satisfaction and its measurement in fitness clubs of Warsaw
Authors: Sylwia Gocłowska, Monika Piątkowska, Michał Lenartowicz
Keywords: satisfaction, measurement, fitness clubs, Poland, CSI, marketing
JEL: M31, I11, O10
205-218 (14)
13. Modelling of project success factors: A cross-cultural comparison
Authors: Assel Kozhakhmetova, Aknur Zhidebekkyzy, Ardak Turginbayeva, Zauresh Akhmetova
Keywords: project management, national culture, PMPQ model, project planning, project success, Japan, Israel, Kazakhstan
JEL: O22, M20, L69
219-234 (16)
14. Does financial inclusion alleviate household poverty? Empirical evidence from Indonesia
Authors: Taufiq Carnegie Dawood, Hasta Pratama, Raja Masbar, Rustam Effendi
Keywords: financial inclusion, poverty, households, Indonesia, logit model
JEL: G20, O10, O16
235-252 (18)
15. Determinants of social expenditures in post-socialist countries
Authors: Hyejin Ko, Kichae Min
Keywords: post-socialist countries, social expenditure, welfare state, linear regression with panel-corrected standard errors
JEL: D02, O17, P31
253-264 (12)
16. Territory and cooperativism: A spatial analysis of the Spanish region of Andalusia
Authors: María del Carmen Pérez González, Lidia Valiente Palma
Keywords: territory, cooperative societies, Andalusia, spatial autocorrelation, exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA)
JEL: C21, O18, P12, P13, R12
265-283 (19)
17. Quantification of relationship between cardiovascular diseases mortality rate and selected socio-economic indicators – comparative analysis of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
Authors: Beáta Gavurová, Eva Huculová, Viliam Kováč
Keywords: cardiovascular disease, mortality rate, socio-economic factor, economic indicator, regional disparity, prevention programme, health policy, regression analysis, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
JEL: I18
284-300 (17)
18. Financial households’ efficacy, risk preference and saving behaviour: Lessons from lower-income households in Malaysia
Authors: Suhal Kusairi, Nur Azura Sanusi, Suriyani Muhamad, Madihah Shukri, Nadia Zamri
Keywords: behavioural finance, saving behaviour, and psychometrics methods
JEL: D12, D14
301-318 (18)
19. Perception of the social status of intelligence in selected countries of the former Yugoslavia
Authors: Veselin Draskovic, Svitlana Bilan
Keywords: intelligence, social status of intelligence, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia
JEL: A13, Z13
319-327 (9)
20. Brexit and EU Common Agricultural Policy: The possible consequences for Lithuania
Authors: Artiom Volkov, Tomas Baležentis, Mangirdas Morkūnas, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: Brexit, common agricultural policy, scenario modelling, Lithuania
JEL: Q14, Q18
328-344 (17)