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Issue: Vol. 11, No 4, 2018
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 12-2018 (print) / 12-2018 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: 120884e0-18d9-11e9-82eb-fa163e6feac6
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1. Socio-economic influences on small business performance in Nepal–India open border: Evidence from cross-sectional analysis
Authors: Udaya Raj Paudel, Niranjan Devkota
Keywords: Open-border activities, Small business performance, Socio-economic tie-up, Nepal-India border
JEL: C31, O53, P33, R23, Z13
11-30 (20)
2. Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Competencies towards Performance of Informal Microenterprises in Kelantan, Malaysia
Authors: Noor Raihani Zainol, Abdullah Al Mamun, Ghazali Bin Ahmad, Derweanna Bah Simpong
Keywords: informal microenterprise, human capital, entrepreneurial competencies, performance, women entrepreneurship
JEL: J24, O17
31-50 (20)
3. Identification of employment increasing possibilities in the context of the EU socioeconomic environment evaluation: The case of Lithuania
Authors: Laima Okuneviciute Neverauskiene, Ona Grazina Rakauskiene
Keywords: employment, unemployment, social exclusion, macroeconomic and fiscal policy, strategic guidelines
JEL: D63, O11, O15, J60, J68
51-68 (18)
4. A model proposal to determine a crowd-credit-scoring
Authors: Antonio Moreno-Moreno, Emma Berenguer, Carlos Sanchís-Pedregosa
Keywords: Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowdlending, peer-to-peer, credit scoring
JEL: G23
69-79 (11)
5. Impact of remittance inflows on trade balance in developing countries
Authors: Le Thanh Tung
Keywords: trade balance, remittance inflows, GDP per capita, exchange rate, trade policy, recipient countries, developing countries, Asia-Pacific region
JEL: F13, F15, F24
80-95 (16)
6. Effects of European economic integration on foreign direct investment: The case of Romania
Authors: Mihaela Simionescu
Keywords: FDI, economic integration, GDP per capita, exports, Romania, EU membership
JEL: C51, C53, F21
96-105 (10)
7. Explaining success perception of Polish international new ventures: Four perspectives
Authors: Tomasz Sikora, Ewa Baranowska-Prokop
Keywords: International New Ventures, Born Globals, Success Perception, Competitive Strategy, Marketing-mix, Performance
JEL: L10, M10, L31
106-127 (22)
8. The effects of financial development and trade openness on Nigeria‘s dynamic growth
Authors: Muhammad Rabiu Danlami, Nanthakumar Loganathan, Dalia Streimikiene, Abbas Mardani, Asan Ali Golam Hassan
Keywords: Financial development, Dynamic growth, Trade openness
JEL: C52, G20, O16
128-141 (14)
9. Supply chain management in SMEs – Polish and Romanian approach
Authors: Sebastian Kot, Ioana Raluca Goldbach, Beata Ślusarczyk
Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Small and Medium Enterprises, Poland, Romania, Survey
JEL: D85, L14
142-156 (15)
10. Missing causality and absent institutionalization. A case of Poland and methodological challenges for future studies of interlocking directorates
Authors: Joanna Szalacha-Jarmużek, Krzysztof Pietrowicz
Keywords: interlocking directorates, social network analysis, economic sociology, mixed-method approach, Poland
JEL: Z13
157-172 (16)
11. Effect of faculty on research cooperation and publication: Employing natural language processing
Authors: Nitza Davidovitch, Eyal Eckhaus
Keywords: academic conference, gender, faculty, academia
JEL: M10, M20
173-180 (8)
12. Impact of non-economic factors on residents’ support for sustainable tourism development in Langkawi Island, Malaysia
Authors: Sadraddin Eslami, Zainab Khalifah, Abbas Mardani, Dalia Streimikiene
Keywords: sustainable tourism, structural equation modeling, quality of life, bottom-up spillover theory, social exchange theory, non-economic factors, Langkawi
JEL: Z30
181-197 (17)
13. The influence of service quality on customer satisfaction and customer behavioral intentions by moderating role of switching barriers in satellite pay TV market
Authors: Norazryana Mat Dawi, Ahmad Jusoh, Justas Streimikis, Abbas Mardani
Keywords: Service quality, customer satisfaction, behavioral intentions, switching barriers, pay television
JEL: L15
198-218 (21)
14. Socio-cultural capital as a cause of economic and institutional crisis in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors: Milica Delibasic
Keywords: socio-cultural capital, imposed impact factors, inherited impact factors, institutions, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
JEL: Z13
219-229 (11)
15. Job satisfaction of teachers from public and private sector universities in Lahore, Pakistan: A comparative study
Authors: Fatima Hameed, Iftikhar Ahmed-Baig, María Luz Cacheiro-González
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Higher Education Institutions, Teachers, Private Universities, Public Universities, Pakistan
JEL: I23, J28
230-245 (16)
16. Rising unemployment among young people and improved employment policy: The case of South Korea
Authors: Donghun Yoon
Keywords: unemployment among the youth, South Korea, policy, employment rate, human resource, job creation, demand, supply, job search anxiety, career decision
JEL: C83, J20, J60, J64, J68
246-264 (19)
17. Pharmaceutical leadership in Ukraine: Transformational and transactional
Authors: Nataliia Aliekperova
Keywords: transformational and transactional leadership, pharmacies, pharmaceutical organizations, Ukraine
JEL: D23, M19, M54
265-279 (15)
18. Indices of creative economy: Critique of R. Florida’s creativity indices
Authors: Tomas Kačerauskas
Keywords: creative economy, creative society, creative capital, social capital, Gay Index, Talent Index, Melting Pot Index
JEL: O10
280-288 (9)
19. Environmentally responsible purchasing in Slovakia
Authors: Zdenka Musova, Hussam Musa, Lenka Ludhova
Keywords: consumer behaviour, purchase, environmentally responsible consumer, environmentally friendly product, bio product, organic food, Slovakia
JEL: M14, M30, M31
289-305 (17)
20. Research functionality and academic publishing: Gaming with altmetrics in the digital age
Authors: Wadim Strielkowski, Oksana Chigisheva
Keywords: research productivity, career development, internationalization, efficiency, academic publishing
JEL: A12, B00, C02
306-316 (11)