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Issue: Vol. 11, No 2, 2018
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 06-2018 (print) / 06-2018 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: 5c8964be-cd7f-11e8-92b1-901b0efa6e97
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1. Cooperative, Human Capital and Poverty: A Theoretical Framework
Authors: Augendra Bhukuth, Roumane Adil, Bernard Terrany
Keywords: Cooperative, Human Capital, Poverty, Social Capital, Empowerment
JEL: D02, O17, P31
11-18 (8)
2. The Influence of Institutional Characteristics on Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in the OIC Countries
Authors: Yusnidah Ibrahim, Iftekhar Ahmed, Minai Sobri Mohd
Keywords: microfinance, financial performance, sustainability, OIC
JEL: G21, L25
19-35 (17)
3. On Measuring Place Brand Effectiveness – between Theoretical Developments and Empirical Findings
Authors: Marta Hereźniak, Magdalena Florek, Anna Augustyn
Keywords: city branding, city brand effectiveness, city brand performance measurement, Polish district cities
JEL: M31
36-51 (16)
4. The Impact of Divisia Money on Monetary Model of Exchange Rate in Indonesia
Authors: Choi-Meng Leong, Chin-Hong Puah, Venus Khim-Sen Liew
Keywords: monetary model of exchange rate, Divisia monetary aggregates, bounds testing, Indonesia
JEL: E41, E52, C22
52-63 (12)
5. State, Monopoly and Bribery. Market Reforms and Corruption in a Swedish State-Owned Entreprise
Authors: Daniel Castillo
Keywords: Corruption, Market reforms, New Public Management, Sweden
JEL: D73, H83, P11
64-79 (16)
6. Local Government Involvement in Small Tourism Firms Investment: The Case of Phu Tho Province, Vietnam
Authors: Ho Chi Dung, Pham Thi Kim Thanh, Dinh Van Oanh, Nguyen Hoai Long
Keywords: local government involvement, private investment, small firms, tourism, Vietnam
JEL: D02, O17, P31
97-111 (15)
7. How Real Oil Prices and Domestic Financial Instabilities are Good for GCC Countries Tourism Demand in Malaysia?
Authors: Nanthakumar Loganathan, Dalia Streimikiene, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Muhammad Shahbaz, Abbas Mardani
Keywords: financial instability, GCC countries, real energy prices, threshold cointegration
JEL: G10, G15, Z30, Z32
112-125 (14)
8. International Sharing Economy: the Case of AirBnB in Czech Republic
Authors: Aleksandr Ključnikov, Vladimír Krajčík, Zuzana Vincúrová
Keywords: sharing economy, airBnB, taxation, market share, Prague
JEL: F23, H24, H25, L26, K20, M21
126-137 (12)
9. Comparison of Marketing Vitality of Family and Non Family Companies doing Business in the Czech Republic
Authors: Naděžda Petrů, Karel Havlíček, Andrea Tomášková
Keywords: family business, non-family business, customer segmentation, marketing communication, value, Czech Republic, quantitative research, questionnaire survey
JEL: M10, M13, M19
138-156 (19)
10. Economic Problems in Mexico: as Perceived by Students
Authors: Elena Moreno García, Arturo García Santillán, Rajid Roberto Luna Cruz, Santiago González Gómez
Keywords: perception, economic problems, students, Mexico
JEL: C69, M21
157-172 (16)
11. Can Rural-Urban Migrants Escape from Poverty? Evidence from Four Indonesian Cities
Authors: Devanto Shasta Pratomo
Keywords: poverty, migration, rural-urban migrants
JEL: I32, J61, R23
173-183 (11)
12. Market Communication: Ethical and Praxeological Dimensions
Authors: Olgierd Swiatkiewicz
Keywords: communication, praxeology, ethics, marketing, advertising, public relations, social marketing, philanthropy, product placement, corporate social responsibility
JEL: B59, D21, D64, D83, D90, L10, M30, M14
184-199 (16)
13. Structural Equation Models Applied for Evaluating Service Quality and Satisfaction in the Healthcare System of Cartagena de Indias D. T. y C. (Colombia)
Authors: Juan Carlos Vergara Schmalbach, Francisco Javier Maza Avila
Keywords: Service quality, Structural Equation Model, Healthcare service, Partial Least Squares SEM, covariance-based SEM, Colombia
JEL: C12, C35, I11, P46
200-215 (16)
14. The Impact of Nostalgia on the Brand Equity in Economy with Post-Communist Background
Authors: Magdalena Grębosz-Krawczyk
Keywords: brand equity, nostalgic brand, consumers’ attitudes
JEL: M31
216-228 (13)
15. Measuring and Comparing Functional Business Skills and Knowledge among Asnaf Community in Malaysia
Authors: Mohd Nor Hakimin Bin Yusoff, Abdullah Al Mamun, Mohamed Dahlan Ibrahim, Hasannuddin Hassan
Keywords: functional business skills, business knowledge, low-income households, Malaysia
JEL: L26
229-247 (19)
16. Institutional Guality of Social Sector: the Essence and Measurements
Authors: Tetyana Vasilyeva, Serhiy Lyeonov, Izabela Adamičková, Kseniya Bagmet
Keywords: institution, institutional changes, institutional quality, social sector, principal component analysis for countries
JEL: O10, C38
248-262 (15)
17. Okun’s Law in Selected European Countries (2005-2017): An Age and Gender Analysis
Authors: Carla Blázquez-Fernández, David Cantarero-Prieto, Marta Pascual-Sáez
Keywords: Okun’s Law, economic growth, unemployment, GDP, European countries
JEL: E24, E60, F50
263-274 (12)
18. The Length of Working Life in Russia: Trends and Differentials
Authors: Mikhail Denisenko, Elena Varshavskaya
Keywords: working life expectancy, economic activity, mortality, retirement age, Russia
JEL: J22, J21, J11, J26
275-288 (14)
19. Conceptual Approaches to Improving the Functioning of Non-state Social Insurance Institutions in Ukraine
Authors: Mykhaylo Malyovanyi, Olena Nepochatenko, Yulia Nesterchuk
Keywords: non-state retirement insurance, private pension fund, investment income, correlation analysis, regression analysis, Prudent Investor
JEL: E24, G22, G23, H53
289-304 (16)
20. Actions Speak Louder than Words: Understanding the Meaning of Loyalty Program Building Blocks
Authors: Piotr Kwiatek, Zoe Morgan, Radoslav Baltezarevic
Keywords: loyalty programs, international marketing, cultural adaptation
JEL: D02, O17, P31
305-319 (15)