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Issue: Vol. 13, No 1, 2020
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 03-2020 (print) / 03-2020 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: 6e7c9958-78bc-11ea-a0f3-fa163e0fa1a0
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1. The effect of self-control upon participation in voluntary pension schemes
Authors: Sandra Castro-González, Lucía Rey-Ares, Sara Fernández-López, Djamila Daoudi
Keywords: self-control, driving forces, saving for retirement, OECD/INFE toolkit, Spain
JEL: G10, G14
11-23 (13)
2. Determining factors in becoming a sustainable smart city: An empirical study in Europe
Authors: María Teresa Nevado Gil, Luísa Carvalho, Inna Paiva
Keywords: smart cities, Europe, sustainability, factors
JEL: H70, O10, Q56
24-39 (16)
3. Demand for residential mortgage loans and house prices in the euro area
Authors: Silvo Dajcman
Keywords: mortgage loans, house prices, interest rates, subprime crisis
JEL: E14, G21
40-51 (12)
4. CSR-related competitiveness and legitimacy in MSMEs
Authors: Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez, José Luis Lizcano-Álvarez
Keywords: corporate social responsibility, micro, small, and medium enterprises, legitimacy, competitiveness
JEL: M14, M19, Q56
52-73 (22)
5. Valuations of benefits paid from equity release products in the context of the changing financial requirements of elderly persons
Authors: Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska
Keywords: elderly persons, equity release, benefits, life annuities
JEL: J26, J14, G21, G22
74-89 (16)
6. Analysis of the effects of the modular design model of car production on working conditions: The cases of VW Navarra and PSA Vigo
Authors: Pablo López Calle, Mario Rísquez Ramos, Maria Eugenia Ruiz-Gálvez
Keywords: production model, automotive sector, labor conditions, salaries, Spain
JEL: L23, L62, J81, J31
90-101 (12)
7. The role of infrastructure in economic growth and income inequality in Indonesia
Authors: Achmad Tjachja Nugraha, Gunawan Prayitno, Masito Erlando Situmorang, Ahmadriswan Nasution
Keywords: infrastructure, income inequality, economic growth, Indonesia
JEL: D63, H54, O18, O47
102-115 (14)
8. The mediating role of oil returns in relationship between investment in higher education and economic growth: Evidence from Saudi Arabia
Authors: Allam Hamdan, Reem Hamdan
Keywords: economic growth, expenditure on higher education, oil-dependent economies, Saudi Arabia, mediation model
JEL: B22, N10, N30, Q28, Q32
116-131 (16)
9. The effects of ethical orientation, individual culture and ethical climate on ethical judgement of public sector employees in Malaysia
Authors: Razana Juhaida Johari, Ida Rosnidah, Siti Syazana Ahmad Nasfy, Sayed Alwee Hussnie Sayed Hussin
Keywords: Public sector officers, ethical judgement, ethical orientation, individual culture, Malaysia
JEL: M41
132-145 (14)
10. Are virtuous people happier? Evidence from Italy
Authors: Diego Lubian
Keywords: happiness, civic virtue, prosocial behavior
JEL: D91, C21, A13
146-164 (19)
11. New labels, new roles? Changes in portraying disabled people in the Polish press
Authors: Olga Kurek-Ochmańska, Monika Struck-Peregończyk, Agata A. Lambrechts
Keywords: disabled people, people with disabilities, disability language, media, Polish press, social roles
JEL: Z13
165-181 (17)
12. Can internet in schools and technology adoption stimulate productivity in emerging markets?
Authors: Domicián Máté, Edina Erdei, Vahid Zeynvand Lorestani, József Popp, Judit Oláh
Keywords: ICTs adoption, productivity growth, panel regression, Internet access, emerging markets
JEL: D02, O17, P31
182-196 (15)
13. The concept of labour migration from the perspective of Central and Eastern Europe
Authors: Pál Bite, Márta Konczos Szombathelyi, László Vasa
Keywords: labour migration, temporary migration, Central and Eastern Europe, demography, integration, model of immigration
JEL: J61
197-216 (20)
14. Challenges associated with environmental protection in rural areas of Poland: Empirical studies’ results
Authors: Arkadiusz Piwowar
Keywords: low-carbon economy, development challenges, rural areas, environmental protection, farmers' behaviors, Poland
JEL: Q01, Q20, Q58
217-229 (13)
15. Change of EU28 countries research and development indicators between 2010 and 2015
Authors: Martina Halaskova, Beata Gavurova, Samuel Korony
Keywords: research, development, Malmquist indices, data envelopment analysis
JEL: C61, O32, R11, R12
230-248 (19)
16. Impacts of informal knowledge sharing (workplace gossip) on organisational trust
Authors: Andrea Bencsik, Timea Juhasz
Keywords: information, informal knowledge transfer/sharing, quantitative research, trust, workplace gossip
JEL: A13, M21, O15
249-270 (22)
17. Institutional development gap in the social sector: Cross-country analysis
Authors: Tetyana Vasilyeva, Svitlana Bilan, Kseniya Bagmet, Robert Seliga
Keywords: institutions, convergence, IDGSS, social capital, social infrastructure, social security
JEL: I38, I39
271-294 (24)