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Issue: Vol. 12, No 1, 2019
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 03-2019 (print) / 03-2019 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: b88bce16-5d42-11e9-8b68-fa163e6feac6
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1. Still ‘few, slow and low’? On the female dimension of technology, labour markets and economic activity: Evidence for the period of 1990-2017
Authors: Ewa Lechman
Keywords: ICT, female labour, women, developing countries
JEL: O30, O40
11-38 (28)
2. Evaluating the effectiveness of development initiatives on enterprise income, growth and assets in Peninsular Malaysia
Authors: Wan Nurulasiah binti Wan Mustapa, Abdullah Al Mamun, Mohamed Dahlan Ibrahim
Keywords: micro-credit, training, micro-enterprise income, growth, assets, cross-sectional, quantitative analysis
JEL: F61, G21
39-60 (22)
3. The impact of political factors‘ perception on suitability of international business environment: The case of startups
Authors: Ludmila Kozubikova, Anna Kotaskova, Jan Dvorsky, Aleksandr Kljucnikov
Keywords: Business environment, Educational system, Czech Republic, Legal factors, Slovak Republic, Small and medium-sized enterprises, State regulation and bureaucracy
JEL: H70, L26, M13, M29
61-79 (19)
4. Effects of business to business e-commerce adoption on competitive advantage of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises
Authors: Hu Xuhua, Ocloo Chosniel Elikem, Selorm Akaba
Keywords: B2B e-commerce adoption, competitive advantage, SMEs, Ghana
JEL: L21, M15
80-99 (20)
5. Measuring and ranking R&D performance at the country level
Authors: Marianela Carrillo
Keywords: D performance, Data Envelopment Analysis, Cross-efficiency, Ranking, OECD countries
JEL: C44, H50, O30, O57
100-114 (15)
6. Growing old at own home: A study among pre-elderly adults in Peninsular Malaysia
Authors: Shamzaeffa Samsudin, Norehan Abdullah, Nur Syakiran Akmal Ismail, Kalthun Hassan, Ummu Atiyah Ahmad
Keywords: Living arrangement, ageing population, pre-elderly adults
JEL: J14
115-124 (10)
7. Predictive power of aggregate corporate earnings and their components for future GDP growths: An international comparison
Authors: Sumiyana Sumiyana, Sari Atmini, Slamet Sugiri
Keywords: aggregate earnings, earnings components, future GDP growths, international settings
JEL: M21, O16, P44
125-142 (18)
8. The economics of farmers’ suicide in developing countries
Authors: Augendra Bhukuth, Damien Bazin, Naceur Khraief, Bernard Terrany
Keywords: farmers suicide, poverty, indebtedness, rational choice, GMO technology
JEL: D62, D63, Q12, Q14
143-154 (12)
9. Effect of psychosocial factors on organisational citizenship behaviour among graduate employees in Nigeria
Authors: John K. Aderibigbe, Emmanuel E. Nwokolo, Olugbenga J. Oluwole
Keywords: emotional intelligence, graduate employee, job position, marital status, organisational citizenship behavior, psychological capital, Nigeria
JEL: J24, M54
155-176 (22)
10. Value of work in the experience of the young generation of Visegrad countries
Authors: Urszula Swadźba, Nicole Horáková Hirschler
Keywords: values, work, young generation, Visegrad countries
JEL: A13, Z13
177-192 (16)
11. Individual significance of political participation in today’s Ukrainian society: The case of Dnipro city
Authors: Heorhii Udzhmadzhuridze, Svitlana Bilan, Vitaliy Kryvoshein
Keywords: interview, political participation, practice theory, civil society, Ukraine
JEL: D72
193-207 (15)
12. The metacognitive self: The role of motivation and an updated measurement tool
Authors: Hanna Brycz, Roman Konarski, Paweł Kleka, Rex Wright
Keywords: metacognition, biases, motivation, metacognitive self, tool to measure metacognitive self, MCSQ-21
JEL: D02, O17, P31
208-232 (25)
13. Do Internet searches for Islamist propaganda precede or follow Islamist terrorist attacks?
Authors: Carl E. Enomoto, Kiana Douglas
Keywords: Islamist terrorist attack, propaganda, Internet search, causality, VAR model
JEL: F52, F51, C01
233-247 (15)
14. Expert knowledge status quo in the Internet provided public debate on Free Trade Agreements. Meta analysis of Polish literature
Authors: Bogna Gawronska-Nowak, Krzysztof Beck, Paul Valdivieso
Keywords: Free Trade Agreements (FTA), meta-analysis, social perception, Polish public opinion
JEL: F13, F14, F53, F55, Z13
248-261 (14)
15. Impact of baseline population on credit score’s predictive power
Authors: Kamphol Panyagometh
Keywords: credit scoring, predictive power, logit model
JEL: C40, C50, G30
262-269 (8)
16. Poverty alleviation in the contex of fiscal decentralization in Indonesia
Authors: Nursini Nursini, Tawakkal Tawakkal
Keywords: fiscal decentralization, poverty, intergovernmental transfer, own source revenue, regional expenditure, Indonesia, panel data
JEL: H30, H72, I31, I38, O11
270-285 (16)
17. Performance of work integration social enterprises in Croatia, Slovenia, and Italian regions of Lombardy and Trentino
Authors: Filip Majetić, Matej Makarovič, Dražen Šimleša, Tea Golob
Keywords: Work Integration Social Enterprise, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Lombardy, Trentino, objective socioeconomic performance, subjective socioeconomic performance
JEL: Z13
286-301 (16)
18. On bullshit management – the critical management studies perspective
Authors: Łukasz Sułkowski
Keywords: bullshit management, critical management studies
JEL: M10, M21
302-312 (11)
19. Labour migration from Ukraine: Key features, drivers and impact
Authors: Ella Libanova
Keywords: labour migration from Ukraine, scale and direction of Ukrainian migrations, migration causes and consequences
JEL: D02, O17, P31
313-328 (16)
20. Management quality evaluation of sports clubs for the disabled applying the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
Authors: Rimantas Mikalauskas, Gita Statnickė, Jozef Habánik, Valentinas Navickas
Keywords: total quality management principles, sports clubs for the disabled, management quality, Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
JEL: D20, M10
329-341 (13)