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ISSN: 2071-789X eISSN: 2306-3459 DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X
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Issue: Vol. 13, No 4, 2020
Journal: Economics & Sociology
ISSN: 2071-789X, eISSN: 2306-3459
Published date: 12-2020 (print) / 12-2020 (print)
Language: English
Index PUBMS: dae1e9df-5f3e-11eb-8ece-fa163e0fa1a0
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1. Power attitudes and stealing: Senses of responsibility
Authors: Philipp E. Otto, Friedel Bolle
Keywords: ethical decision-making, helplessness preferences, responsible choices, social norms
JEL: A13, C93, D63
11-30 (20)
2. Central Java regional competitiveness: The impacts of production factor, corruption, regulation, and infrastructure
Authors: Bulan Prabawani, Sudharto P. Hadi, Nurul R. Hapsari
Keywords: regional competitiveness, production factor, regulation, corruption, business environment, Central Java
JEL: R10, O10
31-42 (12)
3. Labour productivity simulations in Ukrainian regions: Analysis based on a gravitational growth model
Authors: Svitlana Chugaievska, Katarzyna Filipowicz, Tomasz Tokarski, Rafał Wisła
Keywords: labour productivity, development diversification, gravitational growth model
JEL: E27, O11
43-60 (18)
4. Relative consumption with multiple reference points under uncertainty
Authors: Kármen Kovács
Keywords: relative consumption, social comparison, social position, reference points, consumer utility model
JEL: D11, D91
61-80 (20)
5. Cultural distance and foreign direct investment stock in Thailand: Evidence from panel data
Authors: Siwapong Dheera-aumpon, Piyaphan Changwatchai
Keywords: culture, collectivism, femininity, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, FDI, Thailand
JEL: F02, M20, Z10
81-96 (16)
6. Investigating top management preparedness for leading IT governance during the coronavirus crisis
Authors: Ion Smeureanu, Bassel Diab
Keywords: IT governance, crisis management, communication approaches, top management inclusion in IT
JEL: C12, M15, D83
97-106 (10)
7. Social exclusion, religiouscapital, and the quality of life: Multiple case studies of Indonesia and Thailand
Authors: Francisia Seda, Lugina Setyawati, Yosef Hilarius Timu Pera, Muhammad R. Damm, Kevin Nobel
Keywords: Indonesia, Thailand, quality of life, religious capital, social exclusion
JEL: Z12, L31
107-124 (18)
8. Students’ stereotypes about instructors in higher education in Ethiopia
Authors: Versavel Tecleab Haile, Katalin Szendrő, Viktória Szente
Keywords: Expectation, Service quality, Gender, Stereotypes, Ethiopia
JEL: M30, M31, N37
125-138 (14)
9. The constitution of profession in a sociological sense: An example of sports management
Authors: Tea Gutović, Renata Relja, Toni Popović
Keywords: sports managers, profession, professional associations, sport-based entrepreneurship
JEL: D02, O17, P31
139-153 (15)
10. Does westernization influence the business culture of a touristic city?
Authors: Niranjan Devkota, Udaya Raj Paudel, Udbodh Bhandari
Keywords: Westernization, business culture, tourism entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship index, ordered logit, Pokhara, Nepal
JEL: L84, N35, Z32
154-172 (19)
11. Do Moody's and S&P firm's ratings differ?
Authors: Lorena Caridad, Julia Núñez-Tabales, Petr Seda, Orlando Arencibia
Keywords: long-term ratings, conflict of interest, rating inflation, credit rating agencies, ratings evolution
JEL: G24, G17, F65, D53
173-186 (14)
12. The effect of business administration students’ individual values on their entrepreneurial tendency in Istanbul
Authors: Cafer Şafak Eyel, Burçin Kaplan, Gülümser Ünkaya
Keywords: Turkey, Istanbul, entrepreneurial tendency, individual values, public university, foundation university
JEL: A13, M13, M19
187-212 (26)
13. Managing older talents in the context of aging society
Authors: Birutė Vilčiauskaitė, Asta Savanevičienė, Valentinas Navickas
Keywords: talent, talent management, older talent, older worker, career development, ageing
JEL: M15, M53, O15
213-226 (14)
14. Attitudes of Z generations to job searching through social media
Authors: Peter Karácsony, Tilla Izsák, László Vasa
Keywords: digitalisation, social media, Facebook, job search, Z generation
JEL: M12, M52, M59
227-240 (14)
15. Gender question: Econometric answer
Authors: Andriy Stavytskyy, Ganna Kharlamova, Vincentas Rolandas Giedraitis, Oksana Cheberyako, Dmytro Nikytenko
Keywords: panel regression, Global Gender Gap index, Europe, African countries, income, shadow economy, gender equality
JEL: O50, C50, J70
241-255 (15)
16. Multi-criteria assessment of socioeconomic systems’ conditions based on hierarchically structured indicator systems
Authors: Romualdas Ginevičius
Keywords: multi-criteria assessment methods, hierarchically structured indicator systems
JEL: C61, O12, O21
256-266 (11)
17. Impact of social factors on formation of business environment for SMEs
Authors: Jaroslav Belas, Martin Cepel, Beata Gavurova, Iveta Kmecova
Keywords: small and medium-sized enterprises, business environment, social factors, family environment, media environment, advantages of entrepreneurship
JEL: L26, O17
267-280 (14)
18. Dependence of the state of public finances on their transparency and the level of corruption in a country
Authors: Inna Shkolnyk, Olga Kozmenko, Robert Nowacki, Borys Mershchii
Keywords: state budget, municipal budget, state debt, shadow economy, finance security, public finance, transparency, corruption
JEL: E60, G17, G18, D73
281-296 (16)
19. The application of a synthetic measure in the assessment of the financial condition of LGUs in Poland using the TOPSIS method approach
Authors: Tomasz Skica, Jacek Rodzinka, Ulyana Zaremba
Keywords: local government units, local government finances, TOPSIS, condition of local finances, financial analysis
JEL: H11, H70, H71, H72, H74, G18
297-317 (21)
20. Why do regions differ in vulnerability to СOVID-19? Spatial nonlinear modeling of social and economic patterns
Authors: Olha Kuzmenko, Tetyana Vasylieva, Sergej Vojtovič, Olena Chygryn, Vytautas Snieška
Keywords: COVID-19, vulnerability, modelling, public health
JEL: C31, C12, I15, I18, R58, R11
318-340 (23)